I am grateful for the small town experience

How things "used to be" in Jacksonville

I am grateful for the small town experience

Postby JoanB-'61 » Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:55 pm

When I was much younger, I wished that I lived in a "big city". It seemed to me that those kids had a lot more fun and were much more "worldly". Well, they might have been more worldly -- but I'm not at all sure they had more fun. In fact, I'm sure now that they missed out on a lot of important things. One of those important things is knowing and remembering ALL of their classmates!

I have learned through the years that my friends who are more "worldly" and who grew up in a "big city" didn't know their classmates then ..... and they don't know them now. Furthermore, they don't care about them. How could you possibly know or care about everybody in a class of 1200 + students??!! No way.

I knew the kids I grew up with, and I knew most of their parents. We played hop scotch together, roller skated together, and rode bikes together.

Now I feel sorry for those who grew up in the "big city" and don't have school friends from 65-70 years ago!

Growing up in a small town in east Texas does have a few advantages!
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